Take advantage of interface diversity, and standardize your drives: HEIDENHAIN measurement technology for accuracy and connectivity

Every application demands highly specific encoders capable of meeting very different requirements, including accuracy and reliability. But of great importance is also connectivity. HEIDENHAIN offers a wide range of encoders for accurate and highly accurate applications. For the electronic and mechanical connection between individual components and within complex networks, these encoders feature simple connectivity options for every application and are available in numerous mechanically compatible variants, including models with inductive and optical scanning.

The benefits for machine and equipment manufacturers are as diverse as the available connection options:

  • Standardized drive design
  • Reduction in number of motor variants for the same range of applications
  • Easy system monitoring for higher equipment availability
  • Functional safety and mechanical fault exclusion
  • Savings potential when it comes to cabling

More detailed information is provided in our Connectivity Technology Report.