SENSOR+TEST 2019: HEIDENHAIN and LEINE & LINDE bring digitalization to the monitoring of building structures and large equipment

For the monitoring of bridges, wind turbines, cranes, and other similar large structures, HEIDENHAIN and LEINE & LINDE will be presenting a new encoder series at the SENSOR+TEST 2019 trade show: the ESR strain sensors. These devices open up new possibilities for strain and load measurement.

The ESR strain sensors offer unique characteristics:

  • Electro-optical rotary encoder for strain measurement
  • Highly accurate digital measurement signals
  • Particularly convenient installation
  • Reusability

Advantages within the application:

  • Short-term, recurring, or permanent measurement with a single device
  • Fatigue-free measurement
  • High scanning frequency for measurement in dynamic applications
  • Built-in passive temperature compensation
  • Digital measurement signals for noise- and loss-free transmission of measurement data and additional information (ambient temperature, diagnostics, status monitoring)
  • Interface compatible with many commonly available subsequent electronics
  • Highly rugged design for outdoor applications

NürnbergMesse, Hall 1/Booth 1-122, June 25–27, 2019

Here you will find more information about the ESR strain sensor, as well as a list of contact partners.