The new GAGE-CHEK 2000 Evaluation Unit: Flexible, Compact, and Rugged

Reliable measured-value acquisition in a shop environment with a compact, all-in-one device—this is what we had in mind when we designed the new GAGE-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit. As a result, it is highly well suited for positioning tasks on measuring devices and positioning equipment, and for measuring-machine retrofits. The GAGE-CHEK 2000 features many practical functions:

  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Flexibly configurable user interface
  • Context-sensitive display of functions and operating elements
  • Length and angle display for each axis
  • Manual, continuous, or touch-probe-triggered data transfer
  • Configurable data formats for measured-value output

For a shop environment, the GAGE-CHEK 2000 boasts extremely rugged hardware:

  • Compact, all-in-one housing made of milled aluminum
  • Embedded design with optimally matched components
  • Seven-inch multi-touch display with splash-proof front (IP65)

What’s more, the GAGE-CHEK 2000 meets the highest data security standards. The complete absence of background software updates affords maximum protection against system failures and software problems.