The new issue of Klartext: discover exciting perspectives on production

The latest spring issue of Klartext is all about how applications and functions of HEIDENHAIN controls are opening up new vistas for manufacturers. Here are just some of the many fascinating topics:

  • The vehicle and motor specialist RWT reports on its experiences with the first EMCOTURN E65 with the CNC PILOT 640 from HEIDENHAIN. 
  • A machining center from OPS-Ingersoll and Batch Process Manager from the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 increase flexibility and efficiency at Dömer Stanz- und Umformtechnologie. 
  • Software update 09 for the TNC 640 offers functions with even greater practicality for shop-oriented machining.
  • DMT and HEIDENHAIN provide a quite unconventional lathe solution to a vocational school in Lörrach, Germany. 
  • The innovative programming capabilities of the CNC PILOT 640 make it the perfect lathe control for the shop floor.

So read and enjoy!