The RCN 6000 absolute angle encoder
The alternative to modular angle encoders

For high-accuracy rotary axes with a large central bore, RCN 6000 angle encoders are now available as a solution. These encoders combine a sizable hollow shaft (180 mm diameter) with the typical characteristics of an angle encoder equipped with integrated bearing and stator coupling:

  • High signal quality
  • High resolution
  • IP64 protection
  • Easy mounting

This new series is thus an attractive alternative to modular angle encoders, particularly on applicable axes in machine tools.

Scanning is performed with the reflected light method on a METALLUR graduation applied directly to the bearing ring. Special solutions were developed for the bearing and stator coupling, allowing compact dimensions and large mounting tolerances.

The RCN 6000 angle encoders also exhibit the following characteristics:

  • A low profile of only 44 mm
  • A high system accuracy of ±2 arc seconds
  • A low position error per signal period of less than ±0.3 arc seconds
  • Purely serial EnDat, Fanuc, und Mitsubishi interfaces
  • Functional safety in conjunction with the EnDat interface