MANUALplus 620




    MC main computer with integrated 15.6-inch screen (1366 × 768 pixels) for
    multi-touch operation; operating panel can be shown

    CC or UEC controller unit

    Machine operating panel with 36 exchangeable snap-on keys as well as spindle
    and feed rate override potentiometers

    Operating system

    HEROS 5 real-time operating system for machine control

    NC program memory

    1.8 GB (on CFR compact flash memory card)

    Input resolution and display step

    X axis: 0.5 µm, diameter: 1 µm

    U, V, W, Y, Z axes: 1 µm

    B, C1/C2 axes: 0.001°


    Straight line: in two principal axes (max. ±100 m), optional in three principal axes

    Circle: in two axes (radius max. 999 m), optional additional linear interpolation in the third axis

    C1/C2 axis: interpolation of X and Z linear axes with the C1/C2 axis (option)

    B axis: interpolation of the X, Z, Y, B, C axes (max. four axes)

    Feed rate

    mm/min or mm/revolution

    Constant surface speed

    Max. feed rate (60 000/pole pair number × spindle pitch) with fPWM = 5000 Hz

    Main spindle

    Maximum of 60 000 rpm (with option 49: max. 120 000 rpm) for motors with one pole pair

    Axis feedback control

    Integrated digital drive control for synchronous and asynchronous motors

    Position loop resolution: signal period of the position encoder/1024

    Cycle time of position controller: 0.2 ms

    Cycle time of speed controller: 0.2 ms

    Cycle time of current controller: minimum 0.05 ms

    Error compensation

    Linear and nonlinear axis error, backlash, reversal spikes during circular movements

    Static friction

    Data interfaces

    1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet interface

    MC 7410 T: 5 x USB (1 x front USB 2.0; 4 x back panel USB 3.0)

    MC 8420 T: 4 x back panel USB 3.0


    Fast and simple troubleshooting through integrated diagnostic aids

    Ambient temperature

    Operation: in electrical cabinet: 5 °C to 40 °C
    in operating panel: 0 °C to 50 °C

    Storage: –20 °C to 60 °C