HEIDENHAIN is represented all over the world today, mostly by wholly owned subsidiaries. Sales engineers and service technicians support the user on-site with technical information and servicing.

The high quality of standard of HEIDENHAIN is documented through certification in the ISO 9001 quality systems model and by authorization as a DAkkS inspection station for units of length and angle. Long product service life and recyclable designs on the one hand and careful use of resources and optimized energy consumption on the other are preconditions for the Environmental Declaration in compliance with ISO 14001.

The high quality of HEIDENHAIN products depends on special production facilities and measuring equipment. Masters and submasters for scale manufacturing are produced in a clean-room building, with special measures for temperature stabilization and vibration insulation, built especially for this purpose. The copying machines and the machines required for the manufacture and measurement of linear and circular graduations are also developed and built by HEIDENHAIN.

Here is what HEIDENHAIN stands for today

The TNC control with its conversational programming has become a standard for tool and die making in Europe.
HEIDENHAIN offers a complete program of absolute and incremental rotary encoders, linear and angular and rotary encoders.
  • More than 25 million rotary and angle encoders,
  • About 8 million linear encoders,
  • More than 513 000 position displays,
  • About 311 000 TNC controls



海德汉的高质量标准是经过ISO 9001质量体系和德国标准服务(DAkkS)针对长度和角度检查工序认证的。另一方面,我们长的产品寿命,可再利用的设计理念,对于资源的小心仔细利用和最有效化使用能源是基于ISO 14001标准的。



  • 约2600万套旋转编码器和角度编码器,
  • 直线光栅尺约800万个,
  • 数显装置约513 000套,
  • 以及近311 000套TNC数控系统。