TS 460 – The latest generation touch probe

I’m sure you’re familiar with this situation: an incorrect swivel and the touch probe collides with the workpiece or fixture. If you want to avoid the resulting damage in future, then replace your old touch probe with the new TS 460 with collision protection.

The HEIDENHAIN touch probe TS 460 offers you the following benefits

  • Collision protection safeguards the touch probe and spindle in the X/Y and Z direction
  • Its slim design provides more freedom for tilting and swiveling
  • The intelligent standby guarantees a longer battery life
  • No tools are needed to exchange a battery
  • Various batteries can be used: commercially available ½ AA batteries from 1 V to 4 V, lithium, alkaline, and rechargeable batteries
  • Infrared transmission range of 7 m in spite of the small overall height
  • Radio transmission is available as an alternative with the new SE 660 transmitter-receiver unit
  • The integrated workpiece cleaner ensures unimpeded contact with the probing surface
  • The latest sensor technology offers at least five million probes and 0.25 µm repeatability
  • The TS 460 replaces the touch probes TS 440, TS 640 and TS 649

You can’t wait so long to exchange your touch probe?
We will send you an exchange unit immediately and free of charge!

When we have received and repaired your defective unit, you will only be charged the actual repair costs. We provide a functional guarantee of one year on the delivered exchange unit.

You can also ask for an exchange unit from the HEIDENHAIN agency in your area!

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