HEIDENHAIN Clone – Protect Your Valuable Data

The valuable data on your HEIDENHAIN control’s data medium are of course irreplaceable and must never be lost. Back them up, for example before your machine undergoes servicing. Or, simply ensure regular backups for high data security. HEIDENHAIN Clone is the right choice for your data.

HEIDENHAIN Clone quickly and easily creates a complete image of your HEIDENHAIN control’s storage medium and also restores it. Both processes require only a few operating steps in a clear-cut menu. HEIDENHAIN Clone itself is already a backup system because it provides enough space for the data of several controls. You can also transfer your backups to PCs or central servers and restore them at any time.

HEIDENHAIN Clone can create backups of HDR, CFR and SSDR data media of the following HEIDENHAIN controls:
+ TNC 640
+ TNC 620
+ TNC 320
+ TNC 128
+ iTNC 530
+ MANUALplus 620

If you don’t yet have HEIDENHAIN Clone, please contact us or a HEIDENHAIN agency in your vicinity. Many HEIDENHAIN agencies also offer a backup with HEIDENHAIN Clone as a service.

Please note:
HEIDENHAIN Clone is not suitable for recovering data from defective or damaged data media. It must be used only by qualified service engineers. On controls with the main computer MC 422C, MC 422D, MC 6xxx or MC 7xxx, a data backup is possible directly, i.e. the data carrier does not have to be removed. For controls with the MC 420 and MC 422B, a separate PC with USB-HDR adapter is needed for data backup. The data medium has to be removed from the control. Please refer to the more detailed information on the data backup process in the HEIDENHAIN Clone User’s Manual.

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