DXF Converter and Remote Desktop Manager –
TNC Options That Save You Valuable Time

Saving you time and making your work easier: high-tech functions that have to be implemented in the control-machine package aren’t your only options here. Such benefits are also offered by TNC options that can easily be installed on the control retroactively, such as the DXF Converter and the Remote Desktop Manager.

With the DXF Converter, you can open DXF files directly on the TNC control and extract contours or machining positions. You not only save time otherwise spent on programming and testing, but you can also be sure that the finished contour is exactly according to the design engineer’s specifications. So why program contours when your drawing is already in DXF format anyway? Simply install the DXF Converter retroactively option on your control.

The Remote Desktop Manager enables you to operate a Windows PC directly from your TNC control. Then you can reliably use all data and information available in the company. It saves time when you can use the control to call missing data from CAD/CAM applications. Or when you can also send feedback to all those involved in the process, e.g. about cutting data or infeeds that you’ve adapted in the workshop. You simply switch via keystroke at the TNC control from the control screen to the GUI of a separate Windows PC in the local network or to an industrial PC in the electrical cabinet of the machine.

For information on the DXF Converter and Remote Desktop Manager as well as their installation on your existing TNC control, please contact your machine manufacturer or the HEIDENHAIN Sales Department directly and a HEIDENHAIN distributor. Here you can also learn how you can test the options free of charge for a certain time

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