Mounting Videos for Linear Encoders: Visually Experience Each Step Along the Way

Video tutorials are among the most popular movies on YouTube. This is hardly surprising, since there is no better way to learn about complex processes than through visually experiencing them. That’s why our home page now features tutorial videos on mounting HEIDENHAIN linear encoders.


The mounting procedure for an LC 201 multi-section linear encoder is no trivial matter. Four video tutorials now explain the mounting and assembly process in great detail:

1. This mounting video depicts the entire process, from attaching the housing to the machine base; to inserting the bearing strips, the scale tape, and sealing lips; to installing the scanning head.

2. For the handling of the sensitive bearing strips, there is an additional video entitled “Unwrapping and wrapping of bearing strip.” This video shows you how to remove the bearing strip from its cassette and conveniently re-use the cassette for safe storage of the bearing strips.

3. The proper insertion of the scanning head is so crucial for achieving highly accurate measuring results and smooth operation that we have created a short video devoted entirely to this topic.

4. Equally important is the proper insertion of the scale tape. This detailed video focuses on how to use the mounting aid and properly fasten the scale tape within the housing.

The LC 201 multi-section sealed linear encoder is not the only linear encoder with its own mounting tutorial videos. In two additional videos, we also show you how to mount exposed linear encoders:

Mounting video for the LIC 4003 with fixing clamps 

Mounting video for the LIP 6001 

Please bear in mind that the mounting videos do not replace the printed mounting instructions for these encoders!

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