Servicing Courses: Let the Control Help You with Servicing

The HEIDENHAIN servicing courses are of interest not only to machine manufacturers. Users, as well, stand to benefit from learning how the control can support them in troubleshooting and error resolution during servicing.


The machine spindle has incurred damage, an emergency stop has been triggered, and everything has come to a grinding halt. Yet the spindle still needs to be maneuvered so that it can be removed and hoisted by a crane. This is not a problem for graduates of a HEIDENHAIN servicing course, who, thanks to their practical and user-oriented training, have learned what to do when a machine refuses to cooperate and, especially, how the HEIDENHAIN control supports them in the process.

Although the course materials may seem to contain a lot of dry theory, the focus is always on how to implement this theory in practice. For this reason, participants can use test benches provided in the classroom to deepen what they have just learned. Later, in the machine hall of the HEIDENHAIN training center, the highly theoretical topic of PLC troubleshooting becomes an interesting practical exercise on an actual machine. The training courses also provide a great deal of information that technicians can use when installing machines (e.g., regarding the backups of the machine parameters).

You can always find our current servicing courses on our training portal under the “Field service” course category.

Of course, we don't want to withhold the solution to the problem introduced at the beginning: switch the spindle to simulation mode. Then you can move the spindle to the desired position using the remaining axes, despite an emergency stop, a machine stop, and the apparent freezing of all axes.

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