The HEIDENHAIN Infobase: details and CAD data for every product

It happens time and again: you can find all of the printed mounting instructions for your HEIDENHAIN units except for exactly the one that you need. Or you require the CAD data of a HEIDENHAIN unit in order to design your machine. Then it's a good thing that the HEIDENHAIN Infobase is on the internet. For over fifty thousand products you can quickly and easily find here all the information you need for installation and initial operation.

Infobase is the on-line library with over 50,000 entries on all current and very many older HEIDENHAIN products. Here you will find not only product descriptions, technical data, and mounting instructions, but now also CAD data that had previously been available through a separate CAD portal.

Also, many entries include REACH information about substances of very high concern (SVHC) that might be contained in products. Discontinued products also include information on the successor models. And all this is available in multiple languages. 

The Infobase is thus the data archive for developers, designers, manufacturers, and service technicians for machines in which HEIDENHAIN products are to be installed or are already installed. The key to this public treasure chest of data is simply the product name or the part number of the HEIDENHAIN product. You can find them both on the ID label of your unit, for example:

  • The product name is always at top left: LC 115
  • The abbreviation "ID" precedes the part number in the second line: ID 689 690-26

Either designation suffices fully in order to find the desired information in the Infobase. Please note the following:

  • When entering the product name you must always include the blank: LC 115
  • When entering the part number you must always omit the blank: 688131-02

The documents in the Infobase are available for downloading as PDF files. For the CAD data, on the other hand, you can choose between 2-D and 3-D data as well as between numerous common data formats, such as STEP, DWG, DXF, or IGES. You can even use the Click2CAD toolbox to insert 3-D data directly into your CAD system!

A question that frequently arises is, "What is the difference between the Infobase, the Filebase, and the User Documentation area?" Our little rule of thumb:

  • The Filebase is mainly a portal for downloading software from HEIDENHAIN, such as the programming station software, TNCremo, the ATS software, or firmware updates. Experts can also find user documentation here on older NC controls and for subsequent electronics
  • The User Documentation area is mostly geared toward users of NC controls, DRO units, and evaluation units, and provides manuals for these HEIDENHAIN products

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